Ekphrasis #2 Visual Music Performance Razvan Năstase visual artist Vlad Bolborea Percussion. Ekphrasis is a term that comes from the ancient Greek, "εκφραζειν" meaning going to the end. If, in antiquity, the term referred to the "eloquent evocation of a given subject," the modern meaning of it refers to a process by which an artistic means relates to another artistic means in an attempt to reveal and describe the essence and form of the work of art.

Ekphrasis puts forward a synergy-based relationship. Thus, an artwork is transposed into another artistic environment generating a greater impact. Artists use this method to create reflection to highlight what man did not perceive through the original artistic means of representing the work of art. It aims at developing and enhancing its meanings. Music implies and generates motion and vibration. The artist's gesture gives vibration content, it imparts motion to the movement. The musician descends where the content becomes music. The image implies and generates motion and vibration. This means more than visible, it involves inexplicable and inexhaustible phenomena. 

There are infinite layers and structures that animate a work of visual art, related to its generating factors and the perceiving people. The synergy between music and visual art is the catalyst of the Ekphrasis experiment, the process of development involving simultaneous and intertwined development of these two plans: music and visual art. 

Over the years, Vlad Bolborea has tried different percussion approaches, acquiring a complex musical experience. It began with the study of the classical music percussion study between 1998 and 2000, and later Vlad took part in rock projects such as Byron, pop, R & B and rap. Currently, Vlad collaborates with Grasu XXL and Guess Who. 

On the occasion of Ekphrasis performance, Vlad will build a musical drum improvisation moment, relying on spontaneity and surprise. In addition to standard, recognisable rhythms and "grooves," he will include various accents, interventions, accidents, related to his artistic personality. The musical moment will have a special expressiveness, inspiring the visual approach of Răzvan Nastase. Simultaneously with music, as a result of spontaneous improvisation, the visual artist will paint on large surfaces. Razvan will listen to the music and then translate it through his pictorial gesture, and also Vlad will look at the painting in progress and also adapt and reconfigure the action in real time. Thus, a dialogue will be created between the two forms of artistic manifestation, a continuous exploration and re-adaptation, in which the two artists will borrow forms and structures from each other, translating them into the specific expression environment of each one.

Razvan has a rich artistic experience, always under the experiment of the various materials and techniques he has used. At the Ekphrasis event, Răzvan's painting gesture will be straightforward.The gestural immersion of the artist will be total, choosing to place the colour on the cloth directly by hand. The resulting moment will have intense expressiveness, resonating as a type of action with that of American abstract expressionists, Action Painting. Through their intense soulful burnings, the two artists have the necessary experience to include the audience in their artistic approach. Thus, the viewers will enter into the intimacy of the artistic act, becoming, from simple viewers of a result, the witnesses of the creative action.